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Assalamualaikum to all of you.. Welcome to our blog, SF Cinta Kasih Cakes Corner.. We has been creating beautiful, moist, delicious cakes, cupcakes and cookies for Hari Raya since 2006. All of our products are fresh homemade.. We have never ending commitment to provide an outstanding products, distinctive designs and excellent customer care.. We are passionate about making our customers happy.. For all of our products, we use only the highest-grade quality ingredients available and the important thing is, our products are "HALAL".. For inquiry and order, please contact us..

murah!!! murah!!! murah!!!
kami menerima tempahan edible image pelbagai size.. untuk normal template sekeping berharga RM 16... untuk special template, anda perlu menambah RM 1 ... untuk full page portrait (A4 size) dan full page landscape (A4 size) anda perlu menambah RM 5... caj editing RM2 akan dikenakan.... tempah la segera... berbaloi-baloi...!!!

All delivery is charge depend on how far your house or area..

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self pickup point: TAMAN JELOK INDAH KAJANG (Jalan menghala ke penjara kajang)

jika self pickup, sila nyatakan tarikh dan masa untuk mengambil edible image..
jika post, sila sertakan alamat anda disini dan tarikh untuk di post.. kami akan menghantar Edible Image dengan menggunakan pos ekspress... anda akan menerima Edible Image pada keesokan harinya.. :: Caj = RM 6
ordering templates 5.0" round x 1pcs
5.0" square x1pcs
6.0" round x 1pcs
6.0" square x 1pcs
6.5" round x 1pcs
6.5" square x 1pcs
7.0" round x 1pcs
7.0" square x 1pcs
7.5" round x 1pcs
7.5" square x 1pcs
full page portrait (A4 size) (add RM 5)
full page landscape (A4 size) (add RM 5)
custom template (own art work)


jika anda ingin menempah edible seperti di link ini:

sila klik: ~ contoh template~

(template yang mempunyai edible untuk kek dan cupcake)

anda perlu menambah RM 1...

terdapat pelbagai size dan bentuk...

sila pilih size dan bentuk template anda di bawah...(utk special template shj)

ordering special template (both cake & cupcake template in one sheet) 1.2" round x 54pcs
1.2" square x 54 pcs
1.3" round x 35pcs
1.3" square x 35pcs
1.6" round x 24pcs
1.6" square x 24pcs
2.0" round x 12pcs
2.0" square x 12pcs
2.5" round x 12pcs
2.5" square x 12pcs
5.0" round x 2pcs
5.0" square x 2pcs
5.0" round x 1pcs & 1.6" round x 15pcs
5.0" round x 2pcs & 1.6" round x 8pcs
5.0" square x 1pcs & 1.6" round x 15pcs
5.0" square x 2pcs & 1.6" round x 6pcs
6.0" round x 1pcs & 1.6" round x 12pcs
6.0" square x 1pcs & 1.6" round x 12pcs
7.0" round x 1pcs & 1.6" round x 10pcs
7.0" square x 1pcs & 1.6" round x 8pcs
7.5" round x 1pcs & 1.6" round x 8pcs
7.5" square x 1pcs & 1.6" round x 8pcs
jumlah helaian
detail order anda (wording, editing/background effect of the picture)
lihat dulu sebelum cetak (mockup) ya

send gambar anda terus kepada kami melalui email ini:


untuk gambar lebih dari sekeping, sila zip file anda..

Sila Upload Gambar Anda:

untuk gambar lebih dari sekeping, sila zip file anda..

anda juga boleh send gambar anda di email kami:


Saturday, November 2, 2013


›Kami menerima URGENT/RUSH ORDER.. Edible Image anda akan siap dalam masa 30 minit.. Anda akan dikenakan caj RM5 sahaja..

Monday, April 1, 2013

1 april 2013

kami masih lagi aktif menerima dan mencetak edible image.. tempahlah segera...

Friday, July 20, 2012

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cake In A Jar

Introducing :Cake in a Jar... Suitable for all occasions..

Thursday, December 22, 2011


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